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05 Aug 2015 
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2016 Super Bowl

Brady team: Favre didn't obtain banned for not turning over phone -

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05 Aug 2015 
WEST PITTSTON -- The tennis courts at the Wyoming Area School District have seen better days. They're in such bad condition, that the district says they're too dangerous to play on. Now, school officials are scrambling to come up with a plan.

Becoming co-captains for Wyoming Area High School's girls tennis team has been a dream for Lauren Perry and Anna Thomas.  But instead of practicing on their school's own tennis courts, they're practicing at Pittston Area's Martin L. Mattei Intermediate School in Hughestown.

"It's great that Pittston is letting us use their courts, very, very nice and generous, but it would be nice to have a home advantage," Thomas said.

The Wyoming Area School District's architect deemed their home courts too dangerous to play on. The concrete courts on Boston Avenue in West Pittston are plagued with huge cracks, some starting at one court and ripping right through another.

"I mean, we want to see the team do good, but it's also kind of sentimental because, you know, we've been playing here for like three or four years, so we want to be able to play our home matches on our home courts," Perry said.

And it's not just the surface of the courts that's causing a concern for some of the athletes. The light posts may also be a danger. Some have actually fallen off at random.

"It's just not worth us putting any kids in jeopardy and the liability of the school district," said Joe Pizano, the Wyoming Area athletic director.

Wyoming Area school officials say they're working on a long-term solution to find a permanent home for the tennis team. But some athletes are hoping for the best as they prepare to play their home matches away from home.

"I would like to see the courts to be at least fixed temporarily," Thomas said.

"I just hope that people understand that this is like a community place, too. It's not just for Wyoming Area, so if the courts are closed, everybody's affected by it," Perry added.

School officials plan to meet with the Wyoming Area School board Wednesday to decide what should be done with the tennis courts.
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05 Aug 2015 
There will be much more fundraisers as well as donations are now being taken at

This all started in the annual SHERBY Festival, the Derby Eve block party held in Sherwood Voie along with organized through the disco ball board. Brittain asserted your SHERBY crowd refused to attempt out a casino game of inches.

Jeffrey Lee Puckett is available with (502) 582-4160, as well as on Twitter, @JLeePuckett.

COST: $10

A giant disco ball requires cash and skill. 15 having a fundraiser with Headliners Audio Hall starring Tony and the Tanlines. Within Louisville, where people do absurd issues since it's fun, a group involving pals are generally wanting to build a disco ball 67 feet within diameter, which will obliterate the entire world record associated with 33 feet.

The project, known as The Particular World's Largest Disco Ball, Y'all!, kicks off Aug. deliver awareness of Louisville along with have an economic impact."

"A couple of many years again we were referring to constructing a a lot more substantial disco ball for SHERBY, as well as in carrying out so we naturally desired to know very well what the particular largest disco ball was," Brittain said.

"Several individuals (involved) have got plenty of exposure to raising money, albeit for loftier leads to than the actual usual disco ball," Brittain said, "but this may be a concept that basically sells itself in the great deal of ways.". The Particular group will heat up using a state record 11-foot ball and then go for broke, but we're talking tens regarding thousands of us dollars valuation on supplies and also labor. 15 in Headliners music Hall.

Some grails are thus absurdly ambitious they achieve a type of blind perfection, similar to Marlow chasing Kurtz or perhaps discovering the low-cost copy of "Sticky Fingers" within mono.

The World's Largest Disco Ball, Y'all! fundraiser

WHEN: 9 p.m. Nevertheless final year, an annual dance party about the Isle involving Wight referred for you to as Bestival claimed your current record. Aug. 15

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"We want to create 1 significant sufficient exactly where no one would want to consider an additional shot in the title," he said. Normal-sized disco balls is planning to be available through Louisville's Omega National Products, the world's largest manufacturer associated with disco balls.

At the actual time, it absolutely was 32 feet 9 inches as well as held through Bacardi Russia. The Actual mirrored balls really are a favorite decoration in the event, which raises cash for a new quantity of neighborhood charities.

WHERE: Headliners music Hall, 1386 Lexington Road

"We're greatly fans associated with Louisville, and when we discovered out that will we're your world's largest disco ball producers we thought this could potentially be yet another fun, innovative thing that reflects our city's special weirdness," stated John Brittain, any World's Largest Disco Ball board member.

The world's largest disco ball, 33 feet within diameter, had been unveiled in the 2014 Bestival about the Isle regarding Wight.(Photo: Provided)

Story HighlightsA team involving Louisvillians are wanting to construct the particular world's largest disco ball.Louisville's Omega National Goods tends in order to make much more disco balls as compared to anybody within the world.The very first fundraiser will be Aug. "We want the actual record to become longstanding, simply because it's our belief that if we construct this it's likely to ..

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